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Finding the Right Fit

While there’s still plenty of summer left, we are approaching back-to-school. For many, kids going back to class coincides with getting back down to business. As a business owner and consumer, I try to find the “best” suppliers. What that “best” means varies with what I’m buying and what I need it for. Of the […]

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Faster MVRs!

With daily trips to PennDOT, County House Research’s PA Driver History Courier Service is significantly faster than mailing requests. Our couriers make sure that each request gets to where it needs to be for quick turnaround times. Results are sent directly to you. For more information about how CHR’s PA Driver History Courier Service can help you […]

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Summer’s Just Getting Started

I know that in past years I’ve lamented how quickly the summer passes. Not this year. As anyone who lives on the east coast can tell you, we’ve been having extremely hot weather. In Philadelphia, we’ve also had one of the stormiest Julys on record with days on end of severe thunderstorms and flooding. According […]

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CHR’s PA Driver Courier Service Delivers

County House Research’s PA Driver History Courier Service is your best option for Pennsylvania MVRs.  MVRs are a fundamental first step when hiring new drivers and re-certifying existing ones. Take the trucking industry for example. In logistics, MVRs go hand-in-hand with driver road testing, proof of CDL licensing, safety performance histories, medical examiner certificates, and […]

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Pennsylvania’s “Clean Slate Bill” Kicks into High Gear

In compliance with Pennsylvania’s Clean Slate Bill, late last month the state’s Unified Judicial System began automatically sealing certain types of misdemeanors. The bill calls for some 30 million records to be sealed by 2020. Any case that has been sealed as a result of the Clean Slate Bill will no longer show up during […]

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Only Just Begun

Are you a glass empty or glass half full kind of person? Tomorrow is the summer solstice or midsummer. The North Pole has its maximum tilt toward the sun and we’ll have the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). On Saturday, the days will begin to get shorter and two weeks from […]

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Courts and County House Research offices will be closed on Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day. We wish all of our clients and colleagues a Happy Labor Day!

And for those of you facing Hurricane Dorian, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as you make preparations and ride out the storm. Be safe!

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County House Research
County House Research
County House Research
Courts and the County House Research offices will be closed July 4th in observance of one of our favorite holidays!

May you have a safe and memory-filled time with friends and family as we #celebrate our nation's priceless #freedom
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County House Research
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